Spring in Nova Scotia

It has been many years since I experienced spring in Nova Scotia. What an amazing season of the year.  Buds and blossoms appear and unfold into masses of flowers and leaves — all in an amazingly short time.   Even with cloudy days – it just seemed to take a few hours of sun to have things burst into color.

Each tree had its own shape of bud and unfurling leave patterns.  A joy to watch and almost a magical process since each type of tree seems to be on the same schedule.  Suddenly overnight an entire area burst into flower.

Leaf buds grew and the tiny leaves would appear and come out crisp and shiny in shades of green and reds.  The tiny leaves grow amazingly fast and within days the trees are sporting a lush green canopy.  What an amazing process to go from the sculptured bare branches to the many greens now carpeting the countryside.

The Horse Chestnut trees were particularly amazing.  The buds had a very sculptured look and each day you could watch them grow till they finally burst into the unfurling leaves and the pod with the flower.  The flowers grow to an amazing 10 or more inches long made from tiny white and pink flowers.


Along with the colors of course are the bird songs as the birds return from their wintering grounds and feast on the buds and bugs.   The rushing streams and rivers add to the sounds of spring and invite walks and to explore and enjoy being out in nature.

And of course the apple blossoms with their delicate shades of pinks, reds and whites.

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