Winter Stroll in Point Pleasant Park

It was a January cold, frosty, icy day in Halifax but the sun was shining brightly. Bundled up for the cold I headed for Point Pleasant Park to see what the park looked like in the winter time.

Families walking in Point Pleasant Park

Families walking in Point Pleasant Park

This is a great family park and lots of people were out enjoying a walk with their dogs.  There are both on and off leash areas.  According to Andre’ Chiasson “It’s a great place to take Ceilidh (our dog) – she can run off leash and be safe. We like to see the dogs there – people are very friendly and the dogs are friendlier off leash. We used to go every week even though it takes us a half hour each way to get there. Ceilidh loves it – when we drive down she starts to get excited when we’re on Connaught Avenue and the closer we get, the more excited she gets. She can’t wait.”

The park has miles of roads and trails. There are many paths where you can go off on your own and explore.  Some of the paths were very icy – more like a skate than a walk.  But most of the trails were cleared and OK for walking.   The occasional maps will show where you are and three sides of the park are on the water with views of Dartmouth, McNab’s Island, the docks,  Purcells Cove, and on summer days you will see sailboats from the different sailing clubs.

In 2003 there was a violent hurricane – Juan that destroyed many of the old

Sculptured Trees

Sculptured Trees Point Pleasant Park

trees in the park.  Some of these are still standing and their beauty is in the sculptured look of their shape.  It is great to see the park is coming back to life.

There are old fortifications to explore and plenty of areas to view the ocean and get down on rocky beaches to watch the waves and the sea gulls.  On this day there were waves rolling in with a view of McNab’s island out towards the mouth of the harbour.   You can enjoy getting down to the water on the rocky beaches – lots of colors in the stones and sea weeds, and the smell of the salt sea air and sound of the sea gulls and waves are peaceful and refreshing.

Point Pleasant Park is situated at the south end of the peninsula of Halifax, near the CPR, tourist ship docking and the South End of Halifax with its stately homes.  You can catch a bus, drive or a 20 minute walk from downtown Halifax.   Be sure to bring your own water and snacks as there is nothing open during the winter.


Whether you live in or near Halifax or are visiting by car or coming in on a tourist ship take some time to enjoy the peaceful trails and explore a historic and natural part of the city.  Every season will have its own special views and things to enjoy.
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  1. Sherry Jackson

    Hi Denise,

    I can see myself surfing your site often as I found your articles easy to read and to relate to since I’m From NS.

    I believe many “unknown” paradises will be unveiled with your travels. Black Duck Cove nature trail comes to mind. Can be found in Little Dover, near Canso Town….you should check it out some day.

    Cheers and congratulations in your new found adventure!


    1. Denise

      Hi Sherry – Thanks for your comments and suggestion of Black Duck Cove — Will add it on to my list of places to check out.

      All the best and hope lots of people discover the fun at “Shabby Shutter”


      1. Sherry

        Should you wish to have a “local” tour guide when you make the trip let me know as I have the best one in mind. (You may even get a meal!)

        1. Denise

          Thanks – I might take you up on that 🙂 thanks also for the tweet and also the recommendation on Farimount. I did go and got some great snow shots.

          All the best with shabby shutters

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