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Columbus Field, Antigonish

Head to Columbus Field for outdoor recreation for the whole family.  The walking / running track is a great place to get your exercise in a pleasant outdoor environment.  Enjoy the water park and playground with the kids.   Surrounding Columbus Fieldthe field are “Pipers Glen” with shaded areas for walking, or contemplating nature by the river.   Play a game of tennis.  Relax at the picnic tables and benches.

The park is located at the eastern end of Main Street.  It is also the venue for the Antigonish Highland Games and many other events in Antigonish.

Columbus Field – 121 Main Street, Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  Google Maps


Explore Nova Scotia Lakes and Rivers



Nova Scotia is almost completely surrounded by water – the ocean.  It is said you are never more than 50 miles from the sea. We have beautiful beaches of many types that are great for swimming, exploring tide pools, beach combing, relaxing in the sun or enjoying the view.

But in addition to being surrounded by water – Nova Scotia has rich inland water country with lakes, rivers and streams dotted over the countryside.  On a recent drive across Nova Scotia from Antigonish along Route 7 and Highway 316 it was a delight to see and stop at just a few of these. The drive winds through rolling hills and farmland and wooded areas.  Then suddenly you are driving along lake waterfront and along winding rivers.

Fisherman at Country Harbour River

Fisherman at Country Harbour River

Along the drive at Country Harbor fishermen cast into the calm waters.  Reflections of the shoreline added to the beauty of the scene. The rivers and lakes of Nova Scotia are stocked with salmon and trout.  Take a side trip and visit the Fraser’s Mills Fish Hatchery to learn more about the process and tour the visitor information center.


Golden Gaspereaux Lake

Golden Gaspereaux Lake

In the evening the waters of Gaspereaux Lake were a golden shield reflecting the sunset.  Water birds swam along and flew overhead.

Weather you are driving, walking or cycling the views are splendid.  Or carry your canoe or kayak with you for a peaceful explore of the many inland waters.  Get your fishing license and join the thousands of NS sport fishermen trying their hand at landing trout or salmon.

Some scenes from the drive
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