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New People’s Place Library



WOW –  by 5PM today “more than 5,000 people had come through the doors” of the new People’s Place Library in Antigonish according to Eric Stackhouse, Chief Librarian of Pictou – Antigonish Regional Library.  This new happening place on Main Street was buzzing with excitement as people had the opportunity to explore all the nooks and crannies of the building.

People of all ages from toddlers up to seniors all found something just made to order for them – in the children’s room toddlers were listening to a story and looking at the picture book, in another corner two children were putting on a puppet show for their younger sister, other children were admiring the large fish tank.

All over the building there is a variety of beautiful and colorful art work – pennants hanging from the ceiling, paintings displayed in the windows, a beautiful circular stained glass interior window, a huge fireplace with welcoming arm chairs and a carved sculpture mantle, a loom with a resident weaver who will be weaving on site over the next few months, a curving stone bench near the entrance way that reminds you of the sea, and a great mural above the reception desk.

People were lined up to get a library card, check out books and ask questions from the helpful staff.  The staff have been eagerly awaiting their chance to move into this new building which is a dream come true for many who have worked in cramped and difficult conditions for years.

ACALA – the  Antigonish County Adult Learning Association, and Health Connections now have their new home here.  There are study carrels that are perfect for quiet study of for 2 or 3 people to work together.  A large meeting room with a folding door that opens out into the community kitchen, and a small meeting room setup with a multimedia system, whiteboard and work group tables will be perfect for smaller meetings.  There are several areas that are inviting to sit and read or chat or work on a project together.   Computer workstations are available – or you can bring your own computer for the WiFi free area.

Although the outside area is not fully complete you can walk between College Street and the Post Office and when this is fully paved the outside area will be inviting with its patios and  views of Brierly Brook.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone on the tremendous effort that went into the planning and implementation of this new community area on Main Street – the Antigonish Town and County Library – indeed The People’s Place.  It looks like it will become a hub of traffic and interest right in the centre of Antigonish and has opportunities for people of all ages.

Here are a few photos from the opening day – May 24, 2011


Library Has Room To Spare.  Halifax Chronicle Herald

I Love the Library

I must confess that I actually AM a librarian by profession but it has been many years since I have worked in a library or had much to do with libraries in the past 15 years or so.

Pictou Antigonish Regional Library - Online

Pictou Antigonish Regional Library - Online

Now I am newly in love with libraries having registered and got my library card at the Antigonish Regional Library.  I am just thrilled with the range of materials even though the current library has a very tiny collection of books.  The selection is well thought out and given the restricted space has some wonderful finds.

Since it is part of the Nova Scotia system – you have access to a much largerpool of books that are brought in on request from other libraries in the province.  Now also you can go online and browse, renew your books and look for reviews and descriptions and do searches.

You can even borrow magazines – which will saveyou a PILE of money instead

Pictou Antigonish Regional Library Features

Pictou Antigonish Regional Library Features

of purchasing them.   Crafters, nature lovers, news hounds, cooks and teens will all find something to interest them.  Login using your library card and browse through online magazine articles using specific search terms.  This is a terrific resource when researching a topic or looking for more information on your area of interest.

Antigonish Town Hall Main Street

The Library is behind the Antigonish Town Hall Main Street

The current Antigonish Library is a tiny 2 room location just behind the Old Town Hall.  In a couple of months they will be moving into the new “People’s Place” on Main Street which will house not only the library but also community rooms, meeting places, art exhibits and much more.  Everyone is looking forward to the new location and facilities.  The community has been very supportive in the “Adopt a Book” for the new collection with over 1000 items being purchased for the new library location.

Antigonish Library

Antigonish Library

I recently attended an evening meeting that reviewed different eBook readers and a demonstration of how to download eBooks and Audio Books from the library to your reader or computer.  There is a growing collection of materials online available for this popular new format.

The library caters to different interest groups and has activities for seniors, teens, young children, business and naturalists.  Check out the online site for details.

Having recently downsized into a smaller apartment but loving to read the library is a great way to read and browse books without having to wonder where to store them.

If you live in or near Antigonish be sure to drop in – otherwise check in your own area to visit your local library.   Libraries have continued to grow in the services they offer to the community. And the price is right !

For the traveler the library can be a great place to check out local information, what’s happening in the area, and to access the Internet while you are traveling.